Minor quality of life updates

The new version addresses some feedback I received in the past week, and fixes some issues I noticed myself:

  • The adventure stats sidebar is now color-coded
  • Reduced screen height a bit to fit it onto smaller Mac screens in full
  • Fixed the bug with adventure stats sidebar not refreshing when using resource collection icons
  • Opponents on the battlefield have their quantity written in cyan
  • Selling food and goods happens at the advertised rate now, instead of always being 1 for 1
  • Cities now have variable budget per week, which is lower on average than the previous value

This will likely be the last update on the game, gonna move on / move back to previous project.


Wizard Chess 7DRL (Linux) 0.3.zip 9 MB
Mar 22, 2020
Wizard Chess 7DRL (Mac) 0.3.zip 30 MB
Mar 22, 2020
Wizard Chess 7DRL (Windows 64-bit) 0.3.exe 13 MB
Mar 22, 2020

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