This is a sequel to last year's Wizard Chess, with battle mechanics retained and expanded, and the rest of the game completely overhauled to provide a more strategic experience.

Lead your army through several levels with a choice of over a dozen different bosses. Choose your units, relics, growers, and blessings strategically to optimize for the best result. Speaking of results, check out the leaderboard for the best and recent attempts.

Press Escape or slash ('/') on the map or battle for detailed help on the corresponding mechanics. The game is mostly mouse-based, with map movement controlled by arrows/WASD.

The game was tested in Chrome browser, so your best bet is to play it in Chrome - other browsers might have misaligned css or some other problems :|  Notably, Safari was reported to have issues.  Please do report any bugs, Chrome or otherwise :)

Good luck - post your results and strategies in the comments!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
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AuthorEldar Bogdanov
TagsRoguelite, Tactical

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