Having died millenia ago, all you wanted was to rest for eternity in your cozy tomb. But nah, every few centuries these pesky adventurers must invade your private space and try to snatch some artifacts. Over and over and over. Gosh... Guess you gotta wake up and dispatch of them.

The game provides an in-game help menu, but here are the important rules:

  • Turn-based. You make a turn (move, attack, cast a spell, or hide in / jump out of a vase), then your opponents make a turn (move or attack you).
  • Opponents can only attack you from adjacent squares (or shoot you from afar in Hard mode), and can only see you if they have a torch and you are close enough. You can extinguish torches using magic. Enemies can light their torches from their comrades.
  • Hiding in vases conceals you from sight, but you can still cast spells. Jumping out of a vase breaks it, but replenishes your mana or hp.
  • Your score is the number of opponents you eliminate plus the number of vases you save on each level.

You can find the leaderboard here. Please don't use weird characters in your player name, as the backend will likely fail to understand the request :(  Feel free (and encouraged to) post your score in the comments! Thanks :)

The game was made using rot.js for Ludum Dare 47 in 48 hours - rate it here.


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