A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

As aliens spacecrafts start descending upon our planet, and the acting President is doing nothing to stop them, NASA's Commander Quill is Earth's last hope of defending against the invaders.

Progress through 3 painfully hand-drawn ASCII-based levels and enjoy the subtle political satire throughout.

This game was made for Ludum Dare 46; it was rated top 20% overall and top 7% in Humor category.

P.S. Fair warning: you can't move and shoot simultaneously :P

Install instructions

Windows executable should run as-is. For Mac, right-click on the unpacked file, click Open, and click Open again on the new prompt.


Keep it Ali...ens!!! (Mac).zip 28 MB
Keep it Ali...ens!!! (Windows 64-bit).exe 10 MB

Development log


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Unexpected turn of events in the final level :D

If you're struggling with playability I suggest tuning Keyboard preferences in your system to have key repeat as fast as possible with 0 delay.

Also, here is a video of the first level with 0 landings - I may have had it easier since the level takes 1 min 47s in real time to go through the 60s invasion - I guess my machine needs better specs to keep up with the graphics :D



Wow, very impressed with how much you managed to get done within the time-frame. The game plays very nice and ran with no problems. Love the art. Keep it up!