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Thanks for sharing this on the stream!


Yay, thanks for streaming it!


managed to get deadweight.

Hehe are you "guy"? You are the first non-testing account that got to this impressive achievement :D


i am guy, my second one was deadweight, my first one i was a doctor. which is probably the job that leaves me the best chance of survival.

If you want to see a playthrough with a lot of tournament wins and learning a secret skill, check out my attempt here:

A great game. Time flew away

Thank you! Feel free to share your endgame screen, or leaderboard name, or anything really - I love seeing people's statistics :)

I put in Carl. I don't think it went that well haha

5 achievements isn't bad :P  Still more to unlock :D


Got a necromancer ending! (itch isn't letting me paste the photo).

GG! It was fun, I managed to pivot from being an archer to necromancy once I unlocked that skill. Man I was so stressed that I wasn't going to be able to master necromancy before being drafted :P

WOOOT amazing! Congrats and thanks for playing =)

P.S. There are 5 more secret endings to get xD

Back with a psychic weapon ending! 2 down 4 to go!

Woooooah that one's hard! Impressive! Keep going :D


This game rules.


Woah you unlocked one of the secret endings (Infiltrator) - the first one to do so! Congrats!!