Version 0.7.0: leaderboard

There was a lot of work invested into this since the previous version, although the bigger chunk of it is related to Leaderboard functionality, rather than the core game experience itself. Ever since releasing this project, I have been lamenting the lack of feedback from the people who download the game. (There are well over 300 downloads, but only a couple of comments on the page - and it's impossible to tell how many people never actually ran it, how many played for a bit and deleted it, and how many actually played a significant amount of time.) I wanted to create some sort of Leaderboard page where people's progress is recorded, which would help me understand who's playing it, and probably increase engagement as well.

So, I built a simple system hosted on AWS that lets users submit their results, and powers this Leaderboard page:

Originally, the idea was to record all of the actions that players make in the game, send them to the server along with the random seed used when the game started, and "replay" them on the server to obtain the accurate outcome. The intent was to make sure that nobody can submit made-up results, if anyone cared enough to reverse-engineer the code. I ultimately had to give up on this replay functionality because after hundreds-thousands of turns it started diverging from the original playthrough, and I never figured out what was the difference. So, now the Leaderboard server just accepts submissions without trying to replay the log of actions.

The game has been updated as well. Some of the most significant improvements are:

* A nearby-units bug introduced in v0.6.0 that prevents the player from finishing the game through at least one path has been fixed

* Added multiple "pseudoquests": hints that show up in Quests window when player is supposed to go somewhere, but there is no explicit quests for it. For example, after being sent to the Oracle of Delphi, previously the player had to remember this based on the outcome of a quest; now, there is a "Find Oracle in Delphi" reminder showing up in Quests window until the player visits the Oracle.

* Hardcore mode now allows saving games, but deletes the progress if the player dies

* Quality of life updates like more color-coded menus, resistance/damage block window in Equipment screen, improved quest stories, and small bugfixes


Heroic Age the Roguelike v0.7.0 (Linux).zip 8 MB
Jun 15, 2020
Heroic Age the Roguelike v0.7.0 (Windows 64-bit).zip 11 MB
Jun 15, 2020
Heroic Age the Roguelike v0.7.0 (Mac).zip 31 MB
Jun 15, 2020

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